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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  April 15, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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this all happened around 4:30 today. it was a northbound train that hit the car. 300 to 400 people were on that train. at this point we still don't know how many people were in the car or the extent of the injuries. but as you can see there, there's yellow tarp on the top of the car. and that's not good news there. that may indicate that this is the scene of a fatality. caltrain service is stopped in both directions. we are working to get more details. we've been following this since the news at 5:00. as soon as we get more detailed we will let you know. police are hoping a surveillance tape will hold the clues to finding a killer. patti lee has been following this case. and she joins us to tell us what police are saying about the victim. >> reporter: this crime was caught on tape only by sheer luck. that's because the owner of this burger stand installed these surveillance cameras last year and they all happened to
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be pointing in all the right directions. the seconds leading to the death of taylor are captured on camera. this is video of taylor walking along international boulevard about 3:35 this morning at the same time this car is making a quick u turn and starting driving toward them. the driver getting out to approach taylor. just to the frame on the left, it looks like they're scuffling. then he takes off. >> in many cases it can help, other times it can break the case. >> reporter: for now it looks like taylor was likely shot to death. why is unclear. >> i don't want to speculate exactly what was the motive of the crime without doing a furtherinvestigation. investigators were still interviewing taylor's large family for insights. the video will be examined by experts. >> this is like the first time i've actually seen the cameras, hopefully used effectively. >> reporter: brazen crime is
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becoming all too common. >> i don't go places at night, not in oakland anymore. the bad people make us not to trust the good time sometimes. it's bad. >> reporter: and taylor's mother was here this morning. she broke down when she saw the spot where taylor died. she says her family moved from fremont to get away from crime. but that he stayed because he felt this was home. patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. go to and look on the video player on the first space for the entire video. hundreds are gathering right now in san francisco to rally against a recent attack against a transgender woman. we want to show you live pictures of that rally right now. this is in the city's mission district right in front of the b.a.r.t. station. i believe that is right on mission street where the attack happened last week. as you can see pretty good
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crowd is on hand right now. the transgender woman told ktvu that two men verbally harassed her then stole her cell phone then beat her up. she ended up suffering cuts and bruises. the two men were arrested and are tonight facing hate crime charges. >> a disturbing new report shows half of the meat and poultry sold may be tainted with a staph germ. researchers found more than half contained the staph bacteria and half of those samples had a form of drug resistant bacteria. proper cooking should kill the germs, now for more information on the study just go to our website control down to the ktvu right now tab. new at 6:00, there was a hair raising robbery in the east bay today, literally. we want to show you surveillance video time stamped at six.(.ecl) -- at 6:46 this
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morning at the hair divas. it shows two men making off with weave. police are confident they will be able to find the suspects. the weave is very expensive. it's real hair from india. >> reporter: i would say they have many messages here in the bay area, the chief among them. when we talked with you at 5:00, this tea party rally was just getting party. it's one of many bay area rallies in the bay area today over the weekend. and groups in the east bay say they are [audio problems] >> reporter: this tax day rally in san francisco is just one of many plans for the weekend. tea partiest also rallied in
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san francisco and in pleasenton. their message is much the same but in two years they have hardly been resting. two groups are joining forces with a new focus on state rather than national politics. >> it's going on in sacramento, it's a mess. jerry brown is not fixing it. we've got to join in. the tea party really needs to join forces with the gop at this time. >> they are hitting the nerve, they are hitting a third rail that they couldn't imagine the voltage on. >> reporter: democratic club president ellis goldburg says without state tax extensions schools could be forced to start later angering parents, voters. >> schools starts in october violates the first rule of
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bears which is never get between a momma and her cubs. >> reporter: but the tea party in pleasantton says it will soon have 25,000 members and political power to go with it. >> we'll have the numbers for the elections coming up. >> reporter: believe it with rallies like this, even with the tea party groups in the east bay joining forces. democrats say the numbers are simply not there to make a difference. in san francisco, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >> today is april 15th but there's still time to file your taxings. this year the tax deadline is monday april 18th because of the immancipa to the best pation holiday today in washington. >> cash is king, it's what you actually have in the state treasury to pay the bills that is most important. >> officials say some last
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minute taxpayers who are waiting for refunds should get those refunds in about three weeks. many schools across california are struggling with budget cuts and money woes. coming up in about 10 minutes, one northern california teacher using an unusual tactic to raise money for her school. now that the barry bonds trial is over, most of the speculation is about whether the government will retry bonds in many of the charges that he did not face conviction on. >> reporter: someone who is back to work here at the foster athletic club. somebody most people have forgotten about. >> reporter: he had just become a convicted felon for obstructing justice. barry bonds gave a thumbs up then a v for victory.
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while bonds know the prosecutors will retry him. the spotlight has been on his childhood friend greg anderson. >> what'll be interesting to see is whether the government will decide to prosecuting him. >> reporter: that's right, the man who spent more jail time than anyone in the case. without anderson to authenticate physical evidence that incriminated bonds, they could not use it in trial. >> if everybody decided not to testify, the system would collapse. >> enough is enough. >> reporter: anderson's friend griffords says the possibility
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that bonds -- that anderson would be prosecuted. >> reporter: now griffords says anderson is trying to get his life back on track working here at this training center. and housing numbers fell slightly in march -- and unemployment numbers fell slightly in march. down .10 of a% from february. the unadjusted numbers show an average rate of 10%. marin county was lowest at 8.8%. for bay area job seekers, is it getting easier to find work? see why some say the latest
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numbers are not telling the whole story on channel 36 news at 7:00. and 19 california counties including contra costa, santa cruz and monterey county, the storm brought heavy wind, flooding and landslides. the state of emergency means for personnel and resources from the state. this is not your typical stolen vehicle story. in this case it's a boat that was stolen but the bad guy didn't get too far. you can see why. police spotted the boat about 5:30 on ocean beach and quickly put the man on board into custody. the owner of that boat had already reported it stolen from the vallejo harbor. but it wasn't the police who told him his boat had been found. >> we went home and waited and watching channel 2 and there's my boat. his shoes and socks are still
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in the boat. larry wolf is taking it all in stride. even though the boat, the dancing wolf is worth $350,000. no word if the boat will ever make it back on the water. the obama administration says -- for some parents they are the answer to their prayers. but a change to charter schools could be on the way. the bay area weekend is here. does that mean a chance for showers on your saturday and sunday?
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>> word of a deadly dog attack in the south bay has one neighborhood on edge. it happened wednesday night on
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san jose. dawn wilson says she was riding her bike when two other dogs attacked him. wilson tried to break up the fight and was badly bitten herself. shadow had to be putt down and wilson fears next time the target might not be another dog. i think that would be my concern that they will go after a small child that is more the size of a dog. >> officials say they still haven't found the two dogs but want people who live in the area to know they will keep looking for them. and a rally brought people together in a rally to silence. the ralliers are preparing for a march through san jose tonight to be followed bid a
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rally in cesar chavez park later on this evening. >> i think it's important for society to realize how many people are forced into silence because they are oppressed and marginalized for who they are. >> and tom amiano has introduced a bill that would cap the number of charter schools in california. the legislation would limit the number of charter schools to 1,450 in 2016. the head of the charter school association says he's against the idea of limiting those schools. >> what's happening here is spreading to other parts in the country. that's why it's so important that we maintain a very healthy charter sector in california so we can continue to be a model for the rest of the country. >> reporter: charter school officials say that doesn't give them enough room to grow. they say they are already 912 charter schools in the states including 115 that opened last year. one northern california principal is trying to help her
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school's shoe string budget by selling her shoes. the principal at jackson elementary school in the community of el dorado hills has 280 pairs of shoes. while the school district has a $1.4 million deficit. she has set up a website to find buyers at a thousand dollars a pair to help bridge the budget gap. california lawmakers have left the building despite the state's 14 billion deficit, looming taxes and probable spending cuts, lawmakers have left sacramento for a little r & r. the chambers at the capital are empty. the lawmakers will be on spring break until april 25th. president obama set the bar to double the epas. ktvu's mike mibach is now live at the port with the story. >> this year is where it's all
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about. the ships come in, then they are stacked with u.s. product. the anchors go up and then the ships go east. if you compete globally, you succeed locally. >> stacks of containers equate to stacks of money. >> we as you know have large trade deficit. so as a country we've got to make more stuff here and sell it overseas. >> reporter: roe collin attended this regional summit focusing on increasing products out of california. >> only 1% of american companies export. >> more trade translates to more jobs. more containers mean more jobs. >> reporter: omar benjamin is the director of the port of
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oakland. he says exports are booming the california economy. >> asian has some of the fastest grows economy, especially china. >> reporter: some say the government needs to lower taxes for u.s. companies that do business abroad. mayor jean quan says it's all about the networking. >> i think we as regional government need to market our products together. we need to work on developing export venues. >> the chamber of commerce made it crystal clear. igniting the retail economy through exports. live here at the port of oakland, mike mibach. one of the last crucial pieces of the new bay bridge suspension tower is being put
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into place at this hour. today's work began after dawn as workers lifted the piece. it is called the grillage and it's supposed to keep the bridge together. the structure's final height will be 525 feet. the new span is scheduled to be finished in the year 2013. all right. time for the weekend, it's friday. a lot of people want to know what the weather is going to be like. let's check in now with bill martin for the weekend forecast. >> highs today got into the 70s. there's the rain, and it's not that far away is it. if you take a look you can see it is just a bit, well we'll measure it out if we can find our ruler here. you can see that from about this area, from the rain bound south. we're talking about 180-mile, 150 miles, so showers to the north of us. they could shift south as we go into sunday night, monday
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morning. these are the highs from today. highs tomorrow are going to be about the same, a little bit warmer. so lots of mid-70s for saturday and sunday. temperatures on both days are going to be about where they should be for this time of year despite the cloud cover. those clouds are going to linger right into the bay area weekend. kind of what like what we saw today. so showers remain north and the best shot of showers will be north of the santa rosa area out toward clover dale. we'll put a chance of sprinkles up tonight. maybe tomorrow morning and more specifically sunday night into monday we should see showers into san rafael. the forecast keeps the rain north. that's good news for your bay area weekend plans. for us high pressure is just strong enough that it keeps these clouds or the rain north. gives us a heck of a nice weekend with temperatures on the mild side and hazy. filters sunshine, sometimes or at times partly cloudy. at times mostly cloudy, at times mostly sunny. it's going to be kind of like
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what we saw today. as we roll into monday. that's when things change around. when this weather system, a week one rolling in. you are also taking those pollens, those tree pollens and dropping them out of the air. the forecast model does this, into saturday there's your clouds. rain stays north. saturday afternoon rains stay north. then you see this sunday even. sunday looks pretty nice. here it comes. sunday night showers showing up especially in the evening hours. we'll watch it for you. right now you're bay area weekend should be dry. just a nice weekend. your weekend is always in view. your weekend is already here and it looks like pretty good stuff. and more on our breaking news tonight. the caltrain that has hit a car in palo alto. we're getting new information. we'll have it for you right after this break.
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we have more know on breaking news -- we have more
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now on breaking news in palo alto. we have now learned that one person was killed inside that car. this is all happens on charleston and almond street. 60 to 90 minute delays now with cal service. we've also been told that the palo alto coroner is on his way to the scene. and the a's play on -- >> wright for the sharks will miss saturday's game because he was injured on this play. ironically there was no penalty called. both teams will lose because of one cheap shot.
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>> it's a rallying point. but there's not much you can do. you know power plays a former toughness for us. if we score on the power play that's doing more to hit them where it hurts. >> the warriors not losing any time. starting to get down to busy. riley will be the general manager for at least one more year. myer hired today and announced as his new assistant. and he's also a lawyer, spent the last decade as an agent for nba players like the warriors wright. trying to take some of those skills to management, that side of the game. >> and i think agents are very good at obtaining information. you have to move quickly and also agents are good at getting deals done. that's what you do. that's why they hire you to get them a deal. >> when you can take a guy from the other side of the business and incorporate him and he
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knows basketball. and wants to be on this side of the business, it's an effective way to approach thing s. >> looks like a pretty good one- two punch. the a's are hosting the tigers. giants in just a few minutes from now in arizona that will start the road trip that will also take them to colorado. that's the sports life at this hour. plenty of highlights tonight at 10:00. >> that is our report for now. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. we want to let you know we will have more on this caltrain accident on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. good night.
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